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Illuminating the Haight with Light Artist Joshua Hubert


The Haight Ashbury Merchants Association is delighted to host Light Artist Joshua Hubert on our merchant corridor. In many previous years HAMA raised the funds to put up rainbow fairy lights during the December holiday season.  These lights were not intended to be permanent, so they had to be replaced each year.  Our new light art installation is a much more durable and beautiful solution that we hope will make Haight Street a more enjoyable place to stroll year-round but especially during the fall and winter when it gets dark earlier. 

After the Upper Haight Public Works and Pedestrian Realm Project  concluded in 2021, the pedestrian level lighting poles that were installed made this art installation possible for Haight Street due to the height of the pedestrian level lighting in most situations the LED light globes should be below the apartment level.

Peace and Love, Haight Ashbury Merchants Association


The first day the custom made programmable LED globes arrived on Haight street. August 2022

Artist Joshua Hubert measuring Haight Street light fixtures for the custom light art installation. May 2022


Afterglow opening party art walk attendees enjoying the new lighting installation on Haight Street. 

About the Art 

Afterglow is an illuminated sculpture for Haight street commissioned by the Haight Ashbury Merchant Association in partnership with the SF Chamber of Commerce. Custom programmable LED globe lighting fixtures will be strung overhead between the street poles above the sidewalks in a
continuous synced display of colored light patterns that flow and pulse along a span a 0.45 mile
length of Haight St in San Francisco CA between Stanyan St and Central Ave.


Afterglow Light Art installation on Haight Street illuminating the storefronts of businesses.

About the Artist 

"Experimentation is a key factor in the creation of my art. My focus of exploration has always been in Light, Photonics, and Optics. I never stop exploring, always seeking out new technologies, materials, and techniques." - Joshua Hubert 


Joshua Hubert has designed work Katy Perry, Burning Man, Michael Franti & Spearhead and many more. 

Joshua Hubert Light Artist at Afterglow Opening party 2022

More about Afterglow

The phenomena of atmospheric light after the sun goes down, the serenity state after
coming down of a psychedelic and metaphorically reflecting on the events and energy of the
past while envisioning the creation of a better future.

Afterglow is an illuminated sculpture designed and installed by Joshua Hubert for the Haight
Ashbury Merchant Association. Programmable LED fixtures will be strung overhead between the
street poles above the sidewalks in a continuous synced display of colored light patterns that
flow and pulse along a span a 0.45 mile length of Haight Street between Stanyan and Central.

An Estimated 840 full color RGB LED fixtures will be suspended between street poles along the
length of Haight St. Each fixture is a 120mm (4.75in) white globe design spaced 6ft apart from
each other and suspended 15ft above the sidewalk along steel Aircraft cable. The cable is
tensioned with turnbuckles to take up sag and slack.


Each block will require a power outlet supplied from a local merchant that will use a 60w-100w IP68 Waterproof 24v power supply to power the LEDs. Each power supply will have an Astronomic Timer that will adjust automatically to turn on/off with the changing sunset throughout the year. Each of the 16 zones will each get their own LED controller with radio frequency receiver.


A Master LED controller with radio frequency transmitter will be placed in zone 5 in the middle of the installation that will be used to change patterns and sync the controllers in all zones. The controllers, timers, power supplies, and aircraft cables will be tethered to the poles using steel banding. All installation is accessible by ladder and won't need public sidewalk closure.

Installation Schedule 

Phase 1 install by Labor Day 9/5/2022


Phase 2 install by 10/31/2022

afterglow haight street .png

Selected Previous Works

Operation Schedule 

The light sculpture will be illuminated from dusk until 2 a.m. 

Once they are finished being installed the artwork will be on view on Haight Street until 2027.

Press For Afterglow
Special Thanks 
For Afterglow

Merchants Partners Providing Electricity 

1300 Block - Ritual Coffee and Central Market

1400 Block - Love on Haight and The Mellow 

1500 Block - Welcome Haight & Ashbury and Liquid Experience 

1600 Block - San Francisco Mercantile, Kimono Dave and Hobson's Choice 

1700 Block - Sock Shop and Haight and Ashbury Tattoo 

1800 Block - The Milk Bar and Amoeba Records 

Project Greenlight SF logo.jpeg

Avenue Greenlight 

Community Partners 

San Francisco Heritage and the Doolan Larson Building.

Manny Yekutiel 

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