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Humans of Haight was a documentary marketing campagin sponsored by OEWD and The SF Office of Small Business Development in 2019 documenting small businesses in Upper Haight and the people who make up our community. 



Loved To Death

When expanding her business from an online platform to a brick and mortar shop, Audra Kunkle set her sights on the Haight Ashbury because of its wide range of businesses. After 10 years on Haight Street, Loved to Death is now a stand-out among these businesses with its distinct collection of antiques, paintings, jewelry, and more . For Audra, Haight Street is a special place to be a small-business owner because of the strong communal feeling among all who live and work in the neighborhood, and not to mention all the diverse and eclectic people who explore it! #HumansofHaight #HaightAshburyLife #OpenforBusiness


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Loved to death moved online in 2020 



Established in 1976, the Booksmith is a legacy business in the Haight that has been the neighborhood’s first stop for off-beat and interesting literature for over 40 years. Initially drawn to the famous bookstore by his love of reading, Camden started working for the Booksmith 10 years ago, and is still amazed by the amount of interesting people he meets every day along Haight Street. #HumansofHaight #HaightAshburyLife #OpenforBusiness


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Booksmith moved to a new location on haight street in 2020

Audra W..JPG

Amoeba Music

Amoeba opened on Haight in 1997, converting a bowling alley into today’s beloved record store. Amoeba is packed with musical treasures and acts as an oasis for music-seeking explorers from around the globe. For music-lover and Amoeba staff member Audra Wolfmann, the best part about operating the record store is being a part of San Francisco’s musical history. With its incredible music collection and its iconic neon sign, Amoeba is regarded as one of the world’s greatest record stores and a must-see sight in the Bay Area. #HumansofHaight #HaightAshburyLife #OpenforBusiness


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Leigh Ann.JPG

Firebird Yarns

Firebird Yarns has quickly become a favorite spot for Haight shoppers in just one year! Along with the specialty yarns and knitting goods, staffer Leigh Ann Parente feels that part of the reason why Firebird Yarns has been so successful is because the neighborhood is a special place for both visitors and locals. A fusion of a tourist’s playground and a home for locals, the Haight is a community space that truly has something for everyone. #HumansofHaight #HaightAshburyLife #OpenforBusiness


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One of the first craft cocktail bars ever established in San Francisco, Alembic has been serving delicious drinks and bites to the Haight Ashbury neighborhood for over 12 years. Third generation co-owners Mikha Diaz and Christin Evans are proud to carry on Alembic’s legacy and operate a unique business that is a perfect fit for the Haight’s community of fun and funky individualists! One thing you can find at Alembic that you won’t find in other bars around the city? A fantastic collection of books you can browse while sipping on your specialty cocktail! #HumansofHaight #HaightAshburyLife #OpenforBusiness


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William Chantaduly opened HyperOptics Optometry 20 years ago because he wanted to bring an important healthcare service to a community like Haight that celebrates individuality and all types of people. A.J., who has managed the practice for almost 10 years, loves being able to sell glasses in the Haight because the patients that visit HyperOptics are looking for unique and colorful glasses. People want to express themselves through creative eyewear, and his team gets to make that happen! #HumansofHaight #HaightAshburyLife #OpenforBusiness


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Haight Ashbury T-Shirts

Greta Marti proudly manages her father’s store, Haight Ashbury T-Shirts, established in 1977 on the iconic street corner of Haight and Ashbury. Living in the Haight for most of her life, Greta and her family have a passion for the neighborhood’s iconic history, and Haight Ashbury T-shirts reflects this passion! Dig through the store, and you will find treasures – such as a t-shirt commemorating the little-known Haight Street Grounds baseball field that was located on Haight and Stanyan in the 1880s! #HumansofHaight #HaightAshburyLife #OpenforBusiness


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Haight Ashbury T Shirts Closed in 2020


Pork Store Cafe

Michael Musleh, the owner of Pork Store Café, is continuing a family legacy on
Haight Street that was established 37 years ago. A passionate cook with a love for serving the
neighborhood delicious and classic American diner cuisine, Michael appreciates that no day is
ever the same on Haight Street. For him, the Haight always delivers new surprises, while still
being a home to the long-time neighbors that make the corridor so special. 





John Fluevog Shoes

As the manager of a destination for shoe-lovers everywhere, John Fluevog connects
Denny with vibrant people from all over the world. For Denny, the Haight is special because
there is more to the neighborhood than meets the eye. Denny likes to remind neighborhood
visitors that beyond the colorful tie-dye and diverse array of shops, the Haight is home to one of San Francisco’s largest collection of authentic Victorian homes.





Love on Haight

A San Francisco native, Sunshine spent her teenage years hanging out at the shop on the corner of Haight and Masonic when it was Positively Haight Street. Years later she helped take over the shop from the former owner, named it Love on Haight because we always need more love on Haight street! Sunshine dedicated the shop to bringing back the color, creativity and consciousness that the Haight is historically known for.  Love on Haight is an artist collective that supports almost 150 artists from around the world with almost 3/4 of the shop’s goods being cut and sewn here in San Francisco.  The rainbow gateway to the Haight and Ashbury, Love on Haight and Sunshine are dedicated to fighting the homeless youth epidemic that plagues the Haight with a portion of the shop's profits going towards Homeless Youth Alliance, Prop C, Downtown Streets and Larkin Youth Services.  No matter what the question~ Love is the Answer.


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SF Mercantile 

Robert Emmons started San Francisco Mercantile because he saw a niche opportunity to create a gift store specializing in goods produced by local artists, designers, and creators. When he opened the store three years ago, Robert was welcomed to the neighborhood with open arms and he is proud to call the Haight his business’ home. From the variety of shops and restaurants, to the eclectic mix of local characters and visitors from all over the globe, Haight is always a fun adventure for Michael to explore. #HumansofHaight #HaightAshburyLife #OpenforBusiness


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Sockshop Haight Street

Shopping at Sockshop Haight Street, you will find a quirky and eccentric collection of
sock brands that will brighten up your wardrobe! Whether you are looking for socks with funky
patterns, or a reference to your favorite book, Sockshop Haight Street has something original for
everyone! For owner Lauren Graham, her store is a fabulous example of how you can find it all
on Haight! While the neighborhood, is known for being the best place in the city to find vintage
clothes, records, and tie dye t-shirts, the Haight also has amazing gift shops, including a one-of-
a-kind sock store! 





The Bindery

The Bindery became the new location of The Booksmith in 2021. 



When Donna O’Leary bought Ambiance in 1996, she was drawn to owning a
business along Haight Street because it was the hip neighborhood in town. The Haight stood
out as diverse and exciting. After more than 20 years in the neighborhood, Ambiance is a
landmark boutique clothing store, and a favorite of locals and tourists alike. For Donna, the
Haight will always be a San Francisco icon because of its one-of-a-kind history and the wealth
of independent shops and vintage stores. There is something for everyone on Haight!




Smith Brothers.JPG

Robert's Hardware

The Smith Brothers’ grandfather established Robert’s Hardware in 1931 as a small business to support his family. After serving the Haight for almost 90 years, Robert’s Hardware is still the first place many locals check when they are in need of hardware supplies. Robert’s Hardware store doesn’t just cater to the locals – part of Bruce and Steve’s favorite part of operating a business on Haight Street is being able to help interesting people traveling from all over the world! #HumansofHaight #HaightAshburyLife #OpenforBusiness


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Involved in the family business since high school, Naomi Silverman is a proud third generation owner of Mendels, a neighborhood craft store that opened on Haight Street over 60 years ago! While owning an established business that is a go-to favorite for local creatives, Naomi has watched the Haight change and evolve. What hasn’t changed? The neighborhood is still a special place that welcomes people from all walks of life to come and explore. #HumansofHaight #HaightAshburyLife #OpenforBusiness


Instagram Handles: @mendelssf @SFOEWD

Milk Bar SF 

 Driven by his love for live music, Erik Ross started the Milk Bar on Haight Street 17 years ago as a venue for performers to bring their art to the Haight Ashbury. A proud Haight Street merchant that loves the neighborhood’s historic legacy, Erik ensures the bar’s line-up of artists is as fascinating as the wonderful people that live in and visit the Haight. Want to discover the next up-and-coming musician or comedian? Chances are you’ll find them on the Milk Bar stage! #HumansofHaight #HaightAshburyLife #OpenforBusiness – waiting for merchant/business photos


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