Haight & Ashbury Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Safely Shop for Holiday gifts in Historic Haight & Ashbury 




American Cyclery

Bicycle Shop

510 Frederick St. 


Amoeba Music 

Record Store & Live Music Venue

1855 Haight St. 



Crystal & Gift Shop

1510 Haight St. 

Aviator Nation 

California Based Clothing Store

1501 Haight St. 


Avenue Cyclery

Bicycle Shop

756 Stanyan St. 

A new Bicycle from Avenue Cyclery.

Records, Music and Toys from Amoeba Music!

Funky Cozy Puffer Jackets from Aviator Nation.

A New Warbird Carbon Bicycle to safely travel around the city.

Share Knowledge and plan for 2021 with Booksmith, Bindery, and Bound Together Books!

Winter Sports equiptment from Burton.


The Bindery

Book Store & Event Space

1727 Haight St. 




Bookstore & Event Space

1644 Haight St. 


Bound Together Anarchist Book Collective 


1369 Haight St.


Buffalo Exchange

Resale Clothing Store

1555 Haight St. 



Sporting Goods Store

1630 Haight St.  

Keep them warm with Carhartt hats, facemasks, and jackets at Calsurplus.



Cal Surplus

Military Surplus Store

1541 Haight St. 



Candy Store

1352 Haight St.




Clothing Boutique

1364 Haight St. 


Clothing Boutique

1604 Haight St


Cold Steel America

Piercing Shop & Jewelry Store 

1783 Haight St. 


Cookies Clothing

Clothing Boutique

1429 Haight St.  


Cary Lane

Clothing Boutique

1615 Haight St. 

Bring the Playa home with a beatiful coat from Ceiba.

Matching face masks and scrunchies for you and all your friends. 

Stuff their Stocking with Candy's! 

Keep their spirits bright with a cheerful rainbow tank from Clobba.

Cozy sweaters to binge snacks & Netflix or go to zoom parties in from Cookies.


Decades of Fashion

Vintage Clothing & Accessories  

1653 Haight St


Derby of SF

Clothing Boutique

1472 Haight St. 



Clothing Boutique & Glassware 

1552 Haight St


Dr. Martens

Shoe Store

1621 Haight St

Fantastic vintage holiday sweatersat Decades of Fashion. 

A beatiful flask set from Derby.

Vintage Housewares, Clothes, and Accessories from The Electic Collective.

E, F, G


The Eclectic Collective

Vintage Housewares & Clothing

854 Stanyan St.     


Firebird Yarns

Yarn Boutique & Craft Store 

1322 Haight St


FTC Skateboarding

Skate Shop

1632 Haight St


Genesis Imports

Metaphysical Supply Store 

1614 Haight St.


Green Paws

Pet Supplies & Grooming

772 Stanyan St

Goodfellas Gifts

Gift Shop & Glassware 

1432 Haight St



Second Hand Store

1700 Haight St

Mystical Jewels from Distractions on Haight. 

Keep their Skateboard rolling smoothly with FTC. 

Beautiful skiens of yarn and the tools for kneedlework from Firebird Yarns.

A new glass sculpture for your BBF's coffee table to bring good cheer!

​Home decor to bring them peace and serenity from Genesis Imports.



Haight Ashbury T-Shirts

T-shirt, Gift & Book Store 

1500 Haight St


Haight Ashbury Tattoo & Piercing

Jewelry, Gifts, Tattoo & Piercing Shop

1525 Haight St


Held Over

Vintage Clothing & Accessories 

1543 Haight St


Optometrist and Eyeglass Boutique 

1728 Haight St

Funky vintage faux fur from Held Over Vintage

Warm comfy chenille fabric sweater from Ideele. 

I, J, K 



Clothing Boutique

1600 Haight St


Indigo Vintage Cooperative

Vintage Clothing & Accessories 

1649 Haight St. 


John Fluevog Shoes

Shoe Store

1697 Haight St


Kayo Anime Clothing at UniqSF

Clothing Boutique

1603 Haight St. 

Modern local designs for your cyberpunk fantasty life from Kayo Anime Clothing. 

Fabulous Fluevog Shoes to put a spring in their step.



Land Of The Sun

T Shirt, Gift & Souvenir Store 

1715 Haight St


Love on Haight

Tie Dye Emporium & Clothing Boutique

1400 Haight St


Love Street Vintage

Vintage Clothing & Accessories 

1506 Haight St

One of a kind tie dye bell bottoms from Love on Haight. 



Mendels Far Out Fabrics

Fabric & Craft Store 

1556 Haight St


Mom’s Body Shop Tattoo & Piercing

Jewelry, Tattoo & Piercing Shop

1408 Haight St. 


My Favorite

Gift Store & Baby Clothing

1682 Haight St. 

Trim the tree with a precious baby yoda ornament from My Favorite. 

N, O, P


Nice Kicks

Shoe Store

1420 Haight St. 


Piedmont Boutique

Clothing Boutique

1452 Haight St



Clothing Boutique

1445 Haight St. 

Keep them cozy with a stylish cheeta jacket from P-KOK.

Put a sparkle in their step with San Francisco favorite Piedmont Boutique.

Q, R


Rebellewear at UniqSF 

Clothing Boutique 

1603 Haight St. 


Relic Vintage

Vintage Clothing & Accessories 

1605 Haight St. 


Robert’s Hardware

Hardware Store 

1629 Haight St. 


Rosegold Tattoo & Piercing

Jewelry, Tattoo & Piercing Shop

1157 Haight St. 



Streetwear Fashion

1485 Haight St.

​Bedazzle your loved ones with Jewelry from local designer Rebellewear. 

Stash one of Relic Vintage's curated vintage frocks under the tree. 



San Francisco Mercantile 

Local Artisan Gifts 

1698 Haight St


Shoe Shop on Haight Street

Shoe Store

1740 Haight St


Sockshop on Haight Street

Fun Socks & Gifts

1742 Haight St


Sunglasses on Haight

Fashion Eyewear

1580 Haight St

Make them laught with #peak2020 ornaments from San Francisco Mercantile.

Send a silly sock gift box from Sock Shop on Haight. 

Give the gift of cozy toes with slippers from Shoe Shop on Haight. 



Things Lucky Handicraft

Import Bazaar

1601 Haight St. 


Tibet Stars

Clothing Boutique

1707 Haight St


Tibetan Gift Corner

Jewelry Store & Gift Shop

1649 Haight St



Stationery, Pens & Gifts

1409 Haight St. 



Vintage Clothing 

1780 Haight St. 


True Sole

Shoe Store 

1427 Haight St


Toxic Thrillz 

Clothing Boutique

1458 Haight St. 


Twisted Thistle Apothicaire

Metaphysical Supplies & Herbs

1391 Haight St. 

Send them the concert T-Shirt they wish they had been alive for from Trove Vintage.

Get them Zoom festival ready with Toxic Thrillz. 

Ship them peace of mind from Twisted Thistle Apothicaire. 

Topshop on Haight has everything a pen lover dreams of.

U, V, W, X, Y, Z


Uniq SF 

Clothing Boutique

1603 Haight St. 



Vintage & Designer Clothing & Accessories 

1660 Haight St. 


Woot Bear

Kidrobot & Indie Toy Store

1512 Haight St. 

Get them the designer lable they love at a price that your wallet loves at Wasteland Designer Vintage. 

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